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Dedicated to the craft of writing

The Writers’ Community of Durham Region, affectionately called the WCDR, is a network of writers from all genres and all levels of writing, from creative to technical to business and journalistic writing, supporting each other through in-person meetings and a strong online community.

Though we began as an organization centred around Durham Region, the municipality located in the eastern Greater Toronto Area, our membership extends across the province of Ontario and the entire country of Canada. The WCDR welcomes all writing voices dedicated to the improvement of writing craft. The world needs your voice and the WCDR will give you the tools and confidence to share your creations outside of your desk drawer and hard drive.

25th Anniversary

It is with deepest thanks and warmest regards that we celebrate this amazing milestone. Our community has been blessed with continued success because of the phenomenal talent and creative minds of our members. With your commitment to the writing craft and your support of the WCDR, we have been able to provide encouragement and guidance to so many over the past 25 years.

As we continue on this journey through these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to keep our foundation strong. The path before us is uncertain, but we remain committed to providing you with opportunities for growth and development for many more years to come.

To help us start our celebration, we would love to hear you. Tell us what the WCDR means to you and how it has contributed to your writing, growth or to your life as a whole. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing in the heartfelt words and find memories.

Please email us your stories or comments. We hope to post these on the website throughout the year.

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WCDR Membership Benefits


From our Monthly Network Meetings (MNMs) to our full-day Master Classes, pull up a chair and learn something new and have fun doing it!


No matter where you are on your writing journey, you have a home at the WCDR. Find inspiration, encouragement, unwavering support and lasting friendships. Connect with us today!


A writer’s work is never done. Grow your craft and confidence in a supportive and inclusive environment. What you write is your business. Helping you succeed is ours.

What's Happening?

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Open to anyone

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Delve deeper

From time to time, the WCDR invites a speaker to present on a topic in a more comprehensive, in-depth format. These full day Master Classes provide an opportunity to delve deeper into an area of writers’ craft and improve your own writing in the process. Don’t miss the chance to up your writing game!

Scholarship programs

The WCDR runs a granting and scholarship program for its members, partially funded in past years through donations. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact: treasurer@wcdr.ca

The 'write' choice

There is no other organization in the Greater Toronto Area quite like the WCDR. Which other community will offer you opportunities to meet face-to-face with award-winning authors and editors as easily as meeting with fellow writer peers? Still unsure whether you should join the WCDR? If you are a writer, if you commit words to the page, there is always room for you in our community. Contact us about the benefits of WCDR membership and to join us for a Monthly Network Meeting!

Catch the buzz!

What to be in the know? Check the BUZZ. The BUZZ informs our members about events and is published at least monthly or more often when promoting special events. This is the place to find out what is happening in your organization such as our Monthly Meetings (MNMs), Master Classes and other WCDR events as well as conferences and contests. We encourage members to write in with information for us to promote in the BUZZ.

Join us

New members are always welcome, including those who are just starting to explore their interest in writing. Current members include novices, award-winning and published writers and poets, editors, illustrators, songwriters, and storytellers!

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