StoryStarters Art – Four

About the Artist

Cheryl Rock completed her BFA at University of Windsor. Passionate about the power of diverse stories, she has a focus on reconnecting to oral tradition through her imagery. Her current work is with hand-cut, archival paper and mixed media. Central to her artistic practice, Cheryl is inspired by the desire to create dialogue with a diverse audience through commonalities in human experience.

Cheryl’s current series is Re-visioning Royalty. She uses her two-dimensional pieces to communicate notions of beauty, resilience, royalty, and tenacity. Re-presenting the stories of the Black diaspora, Cheryl’s two-dimensional cut paper pieces explore; Afrofuturism, Black identity, cultural hybridity and document the tenacity of the human spirit.

About The Wild Nellies

The Wild Nellies is a growing collective of women creatives who share a passion for the healing power of creative self-expression. We gather to perform and exhibit our work, and to celebrate our sheroes — the women who inspire us. Our events raise awareness and funds for charities that support women in escaping domestic violence and finding their own voice.

2 thoughts on “StoryStarters Art – Four”

  1. Why did you turn away from my wrinkled lips? Why did you not give them a second glance? Were they not soft enough, not innocent enough, not beseeching enough? You should know better. You should know that younger lips have no stories to tell. They’re a dime a dozen. But these lips, these wrinkled lips, oh my!

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