StoryStarters Art – Six

About the Artist

Gretel Boose is a ceramic sculptor. Her work addresses the universal search for meaning, fulfillment, and acceptance in a time that offers less and less opportunities for involvement and physical engagement other than a click of a button on a keyboard. This life style can easily become a way of separating ourselves from our natural wisdom by encouraging us to look everywhere but inside ourselves to find fulfillment.

Working with mud for her is like returning to the original creativity that is inherent in each one of us in different ways. A new sculpture is a gift coming from the unknown. In the silence of her studio, her work evolves spontaneously. Life ceases to be a task, and becomes natural and simple. With a sense of wonder, she greets a new being, coming to life between her hands.

Her ceramic and mixed media sculptural work is an attempt to communicate my fascination with human expressions, and the secrets behind the mind and spirit. The stories told by the Spiritual Beings often bring to light the question: Who are you? And through you, who am I?

About The Wild Nellies

The Wild Nellies is a growing collective of women creatives who share a passion for the healing power of creative self-expression. We gather to perform and exhibit our work, and to celebrate our sheroes — the women who inspire us. Our events raise awareness and funds for charities that support women in escaping domestic violence and finding their own voice.

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  1. Mom’s Apron of Pockets

    She wore an apron with many pockets, pockets large and small. Each pocket held the faces. Faces she would need throughout her day. Faces of experience and care for those she loved.

    Her mirrored image reflected a hard life lived, a face full of wisdom and a soft smile.

    Mom would bring out my most cherished face, at the most hectic of times. A reminder of sorts, that learning to live a life of balance and contentment was truly the most precious life lesson one could learn.

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