StoryStarters Art – Three

About the Artist

The Durham School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance provides a safe space for the cultivation of creativity through dance. They’ve achieved the highest awards and accolades throughout Ontario and Internationally.

Director Madeleine Twyman trained at The Alvin Ailey American Dance Center in New York City and at The Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in NYC. In her 13 years as a professional Artist/dancer in New York City, Madeleine has danced with many professional modern dance companies including The Martha Graham Ensemble, Forces of Nature Dance Theatre of Harlem and Creative Outlet Dance Theatre of Brooklyn.

Madeleine was recently awarded The Outstanding Choreography Award at The Youth America Grand Prix 2019 in Toronto. DSBCD works with youth groups and not for profit organizations in Canada, The United States and India to help facilitate a global growth in positive social change.

About The Wild Nellies

The Wild Nellies is a growing collective of women creatives who share a passion for the healing power of creative self-expression. We gather to perform and exhibit our work, and to celebrate our sheroes — the women who inspire us. Our events raise awareness and funds for charities that support women in escaping domestic violence and finding their own voice.

3 thoughts on “StoryStarters Art – Three”

  1. I know this Dance.

    Use the room. Dance to the corners. Arms up and out. Move big. Move small.
    Head up. Eyes fixed. Hands expressing. Body translating.

    Dance in the streets. Dance alone. Dance with many. Dance to be free. Dance to move.
    Dance to heal. Dance to learn. Dance determined.

    Dance for now. Dance for the future. For the love of dance. Dance for the fun of dance.
    Dance for the art of dance. Dance for the rhythm.

    Dance to the rhythm of life.

    For the Dance Is Life.

  2. Sienna’s Dancers by David Jones

    My knees are aching and stiff. My neck protests when I turn my head. My fingers are burning from the cold yet here I am for “Senior’s Finance” night at the Centre. My blurry eyes see a sign on a door and I enter to a shock of bright lights and loud beatnik music. I check the sign – “Sienna’s Dancers”. Damn eyes, but I’m compelled to open the door again. It’s the inverse of being a stiff senior. A room full of lithe young folks, all shapes and sizes, smiling, roiling, working together in time to the beat. I smile.

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