StoryStarters Art – Two

About the Artist

Angela Durante Dukát is a portrait and wedding photographer who believes deeply in the power of images to influence our thoughts, uplift others and raise our vibration.

Participating in portrait projects around our region and around the world, Angela is on a mission to make art out of life so that we might dig deeper into our passions, help others to reach for their highest selves and believe in our connectivity. 

You can find Angela working in her country studio, where she and her family are pulling a century schoolhouse off the grid and advocating for sustainable living and a simpler life.

2 thoughts on “StoryStarters Art – Two”

  1. As the evening sun was settling low beneath the stately trees, Maggie looked out and saw through the galley window, a filter of dark shadows and setting sun, the youngest daughter, Merrilee, of Lord and Lady Etherington darting between the trees along the fence line. Just then Maggie saw a dark cloaked figure ride up on a massive black steed. Who could that be as Lord Etherington’s polo match was long over? Maggie anxiously called Mars the butler to alert the Lord that Lady Merrilee was outside and there was an unknown rider in the yard.

    Kathleen L. Foottit

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